Swedish House Mafia 2018 Reunion Rumors Swirl After Steve’s New VIDEO!

swedish house mafia
Swedish House Mafia

The internet has been on fire recently as Swedish House Mafia rumors emerge from Reddit, Twitter, and The Chainsmokers. Not too long ago Swedish House Mafia social media pages updated profile pictures to their enigmatic One Last Tour logo.

Axwell^Ingrosso will be performing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami as expected but Ultra’s statement is “A very special 20th anniversary performance/ Expect the unexpected/ Exclusively at Ultra Music Festival”. Conspiracies have been running around the internet and even The Chainsmokers took to Reddit to stoke the flames.

On top of it all, there is a video clip from Steve Angello‘s Instagram story of him recording Axwell^Ingrosso playing out Swedish House Mafia tracks. Could this be an indication that we could see a reunion at Ultra?

Will The Chainsmokers go back to back with Swedish House Mafia? Probably not so we might have to stick to hoping that we officially see the reintegration of the legends.

It is worth mentioning that on their social media bios and Spotify bio they have removed any mention of the breakup only adding to the curiosity. If you happen to be one of the lucky that witnesses the reemergence of Swedish House Mafia later this month, just know that you will have witnessed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Check out Steve Angello‘s Instagram video below!