ULTRA Europe ends: 305 festival goers arrested, one American dead

ultra europe 2017
Ultra Europe 2017 photo by Philippe Wuyts Photography

The third and final day of Ultra Music Festival in Croatia – ULTRA Europe came to a close on Monday morning. The weekend brought in superstar artists such as Afrojack, Carl Cox, Alesso and many many more.

During the three days when Ultra Europe took place in Split, there was lots of naughty behavior which led to lots of arrests.

A total of 305 people were arrested at the festival as well as the unfortunate passing of an American male. His death was not a consequence of a crime. Along with his passing, during the weekend three separate women claimed to have been raped and sexually assaulted as well.

The first case involves a 22-year female from Finland. The young girl claims a man whom she’d recently befriended, assaulted her at a city park near the Bacvice area.

The second case had another 22-year old claiming an unknown man raped her around 4am on Monday morning. The Australian says she later told authorities what had happened. In the third case, an 18-year old told police she woke up with man and had no relocation of how she had gotten there.

The madness doesn’t stop there. A young man was found with 49 kilograms of Marijuana packed in 47 small plastic bags. The majority of the 305 arrest were related to disorderly conduct, drugs and people sneaking into the event without paying. This all proved to be a busy weekend on all ends. Party safe people.