Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer team up for ‘Page Blanche’

Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer

In 2016, Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer started a project together called „Voix Grave“, where they composed a classical piece of music together, and subsequently each made their own electronic music interpretation of it.

The project got wide recognition, with Johannes Brecht’s version even keeping the #1 position of Beatport’s Deep House Charts for weeks.

Now, in 2019, it’s time for the follow up. The title: “Page Blanche”. Progressive staccato dabs on the viola set a gloomy scenery, when a gentle bassoon starts to caress the composition with its warm tones.

More dark strings enter and crescendo into almost a march, then dissolving into a quiet violin whisper, only to return to full staccato force, played sul ponticello.

Johannes Brecht’s interpretation is a driving melodic Techno sabre, cutting through dark and hazy club rooms. The rapid arpeggios seem like flickering lights within the majestic string arrangement.

Christian Prommer’s take on “Page Blanche” is a more dramatic one, with additional pronounced synthesizer steps, creating a melancholic aura around the arrangement.

1. / A1 Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Page Blanche (4.04 min) 
2. / B1 Johannes Brecht – Page Blanche (6.36min)
3. / B2 Christian Prommer – Page Blanche (7.21 min)

Listen to the tracks here.



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