Neversea festival unveils dates for its 2021 edition

The fans of the biggest beach festival from Romania, Neversea, have decided. The 4th edition of the festival will take place between 8 – 11 July. In the last three years, The Island of Dreams has always been waiting for the travelers who dared to dream and wanted to be in the place where time stays still and cannot put its mark on life.

During the 4 days spent on Neversea Beach, the nights turned into days with long and beautiful sunrises for hundreds of thousands of fans of the biggest festival from the Black Sea.

This year, for the first time in history, festival-goers from all around the world had the chance to choose the dates for next year’s edition. They were able to vote on their favorite date for 2021. After the voting ended, the organizers started to work on the 4th edition of Neversea.

Neversea 2021

The organizers say that Neversea 2021 will be a very unique edition and it will take place in the best and safest conditions, on the beach in Constanța, Romania. The organizers of Neversea and other event organizers from Romania have met since September with representatives of the Romanian Government in a workgroup to identify all the necessary measures for organizing major events in 2021, in the safest conditions.

Here’s what Edy Chereji, head of communication at Neversea had to say about their upcoming edition:

We are confident that 2021 will be the year when we will dance on Neversea Beach, in Constanța. Even though we haven’t met physically with all of our fans this year, 2020 came with one of the most beautiful beaches from the Romanian seacoast. Tens of thousands of people from Constanța, and also tourists, have relaxed in festival vibes on Neversea Beach, in the safest conditions.

We are confident that the summer of 2021 will find us in a different stage, much closer to the normality we are all waiting and craving for. We are optimistic that in the summer of 2021 we will see each other again, on Neversea Beach, where you can see the most beautiful sunrises.

The organizers of Neversea already had a meeting with the new local authorities in Constanța and there is a desire on both sides to further develop the partnership between the organizers of the biggest events in Romania and the City Hall on the Black Sea.

The organizers of Neversea festival aim to support the City Hall’s strategy to extend the beach season and attract tourists from the beginning of May until the end of September. Neversea’s involvement will be possible through the projects developed in Constanța, starting with the festival, Neversea Beach, and other projects that the organizers will create in the area.


More than 95% of those who purchased tickets and passes for the 2020 edition changed them into ANYTIME Pass, which allows access at choice at one of the next 3 editions of Neversea.

This way, the fans showed all their support for their favorite festival. Those who haven’t purchased the entrance for the Island of Dreams can register starting from today on to be the first who find out the details about the 4th edition, including the moment when a wave of tickets and passes will go on sale, and artists will be revealed. More details via the link.

Watch the video of Neversea 2021 date announcement below.