Alpha Zoo goes the whole nine yards with the deep & funky ‘The Grind’

Featuring a classic house music gospel monologue for those needing to see the light, Alpha Zoo, he of the ‘Popo’ programme, gets deep, funky and diligent for Artwrk.

The Grind’ demonstrates the sort of dancelfoor tunnel vision that won’t be put off its stride, pledging allegiance to a bassline pivot, and watching all other production tricks and tics, percussion and power plays, rebound off into the distance. A string-pinched breakdown is a mere pause to reload and come go again, so get your game face on and go the distance with Rotterdam’s real deal.

Never far away from a top ranking Beatport position, Alpha Zoo is the alias of Sami Dmitrovic, someone who has taken his time to find his house music calling after a learning curve of techno experimentation as AUXXUA, gold medals on the DJ championship circuit and putting thousands under one roof as a bespoke club night curator.

This range of skills perhaps comes as no surprise given his teenage kicks getting turned on to hip-hop and splinters of dance, stockpiling any format of music he could get his hands and ears on.

Always up for putting in the work when juggling roles of label owner and event manager on top of groove creator, Alpha Zoo knows all about the ‘The Grind’ – please let him know if he’s on your mind.

Listen to the track below.