Above & Beyond give you the opportunity for $10,000, Studio time with them and many more !!!

Above & Beyond

An English trance progressive trio Above & Beyond are teaming up with Guitar Center to promote the launch of their second installment of Guitar Center’s Cover Me program.

“We’re always impressed by the quality of the fan cover versions we get sent, so it’s exciting to have the support of Guitar Center to help us find the next generation of talented musicians.”

All you need to do is to submit your cover of “Blue Sky Action”, and you`ll have a chance to win :

All Submissions will be ranked based on social media engagement and fan growth, so get as many people as you can, your family, your friends, the people you work with … get everyone to watch, follow and share your channel. You should do this through till the end of the submission period (June, 30 2016). The top 100 ranked artists will move on to the next stage – a review process by Above & Beyond who will then personally select the winner.

Click here to enter the contest and watch Above & Beyond discuss the program on the video below