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xone 92

The inexorable Xone:92 is the music industry’s standard professional mixer

With a sound quality that surpasses all other mixers, a user-friendly layout, and multifaceted capabilities, the superlative Xone:92 is the nonpareil professional mixing device...

Allen&Heath’s Xone:23C brings together the best of digital DJing and conventional mixing

Allen & Heath have dub-stepped their way into the spotlight of the music equipment world with the release of the XONE:23C Professional...
mixers and controllers

Meet Pioneer’s new all-in-one controller that even mixes video [VIDEO]

Pioneer DJ has launched a new all-in-one DJ controller system that also allows the user to mix video with an add-on for the company’s Rekordbox software.  Designed...

Awesome headphones scan your ears to create perfect sound experience

These awesome headphones map the inside of your ear to deliver perfect sound tailored to your hearing. We’re living in a golden age where masterfully crafted,...




WATCH: Ariana Grande hit with a lemon during Coachella set

Ariana Grande put on two separate dazzling performances at Coachella music festival on both weekends of its 2019 event. While performing in front of a massive crowd, she captivated the audience and brought to...