Pioneer DJ launches new models of its DM Series of desktop speakers

AlphaTheta Corporation announces a host of new models in the DM Series of desktop monitor systems from its Pioneer DJ brand. The new DM-50D-BT integrates Bluetooth® functionality into the popular DM-50D speakers, released in late 2021.

Pioneer DJ‘s industry-renowned DM-40 models also received an upgrade to help deliver a more optimal listening experience. The updated speakers offer Bluetooth® connection capability and system upgrades to the compact DM-40 models, which have served DJs and producers well for several years. All models are available in black or white and sold in pairs.

Whichever DM Series monitor system artists choose, they’ll find the speakers produce powerful, high-quality sound. The speakers are easy to set up, tune, and use – making them ideal for various purposes. Whether artists want to play DJ sets, make their music at home, or regularly switch between the two—Pioneer DJ‘s updated DM Series offers the perfect sound.

Artists looking to produce their tracks to drop into their next set can easily do so with the speakers’ Production Mode settings with a simple switch flick. Once in Production Mode, the speakers’ DSP settings will automatically adjust to create the best sound for each application.

Artists can easily connect their DJ setup or home studio to the RCA and mini-jack input terminals on the DM Series speakers. The DM-50D-BT and DM-50D also have a TRS input, and the speakers’ Bluetooth® models enable artists to connect mobile devices for cable-free high-quality music playback wirelessly.

The volume knob and headphones socket are on the front panel for quick connection and level control. And, with the choice of black or white models, artists can pick the color to best suit their home or studio aesthetic.

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1. Advanced Design for Higher Quality Sound

Each DM Series speaker features a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to produce pure, balanced bass sound. In addition, artists will find that the updated speakers feature DECO convex diffusers to distribute crystal-clear high frequencies evenly in every direction. Regardless of speaker positioning, artists receive a wide range of 3D stereo sound.

When artists need to turn up the volume, the speaker’s woofer creates extra power and aligns with the tweeter—allowing artists to hear all sound frequencies clearly. The grooves on the speaker ducts reduce air friction for tight and punchy bass, while the curved front speaker edges deliver maximum rigidity and minimum resonance for clean audio at any volume level.

2. Two-Way Sound Mode for DJing and Music Production

Artists no longer need to decide on a set of monitors for DJing or making music as the DM Series speakers are ideal for both. With the flip of a switch, artists can choose either DJ Mode or Production mode and the DSP settings optimize for the task—leaving artists free to concentrate on their mix.

3. Bluetooth® Connectivity

The Bluetooth® technology included in the DM-50D-BT and DM-40D-BT models enables artists to easily pair their smartphone, mobile device, or PC / Mac and play high-quality tracks wirelessly.

4. Easy to Use with Different DJ or Production Equipment

With RCA and mini-jack terminals, artists can connect different gear such as DJ controllers, mixers, laptops or the built-in soundcard artists use for music production. The DM-50D-BT and DM-50D models also feature a TRS input for increased device compatibility. Headphones connection and disconnection are straightforward via the socket on the front panel, and volume adjustment is more effortless with the level knob placed on the front panel.

5. Sleek, Smart Design – Available in Two Colors

Artists can bring a slick, professional look to their setup by choosing between two different model colors. The finish of the black DM Series speakers blends in perfectly with classic DJ gear, while the white models might better complement the interior design of a home or studio.



Product Category: 5-inch desktop monitor system with Bluetooth® functionality

Model Number: DM-50D-BT (Black), DM-50D-BT-W (White)

MAP: $219 per pair excluding tax

In-store Date: Late May


Product Category: 5-inch desktop monitor system

Model Number: DM-50D (Black), DM-50D-W (White)

MAP: $199 per pair excluding tax

In-store Date: On Sale since November 2021


Product Category: 4-inch desktop monitor system with Bluetooth® functionality

Model Number: DM-40D-BT (Black), DM-40D-BT-W (White)

MAP: $199 per pair excluding tax

In-store Date: Early June


Product Category: 4-inch desktop monitor system

Model number: DM-40D (Black), DM-40D-W (White)

MAP: $149 per pair excluding tax

In-store Date: Late May