Deadmau5 asks The Weeknd for a collaboration on his latest demo release [VIDEO]

Deadmau5 & The Weeknd

We all know that Deadmau5, likes to experiment with some new sounds, and that`s not something new. But after his Twitch stream last night, he uploaded some new demos on his Soundcloud profile, and interesting here is that deadmau5 has some pretty lofty plans for the final one uploaded, called “diesel powered cat thruster ”.

This demo is some new funk version and if Joel`s tweets are to go by, he possibly wants fellow Canadian artist The Weeknd to collaborate with him on it.

Because we’re not used to Deadmau5 being so appreciative about others work, definitely should be interesting to see whether the “Can’t Feel My Face” superstar reverts back. Until then, you can listen to his instrumental demos below.