Armin Van Buuren gives us a tour of his vinyl room called “Man Cave” [VIDEO]

Every man needs an area, where he can close the door, turn off his mind, while enjoying the magic of his favorite video games and music.

The World’s leading Trance DJ Armin van Buuren, gives us an exclusive look into his personal life and home and shows us the personal of all personal things, his room full of vinyl and video games called the “Man Cave” !

He flicks through his incredible vinyl collection, shares his love for Star Wars movies and much more!

Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren

“My guilty pleasure, I have many, but I think my PS4 is probably my biggest. I don’t have a lot of time for it. I think I haven’t even touched it in a month. But I made a deal with my wife that when I bought my house, I got a game room, so I have all the consoles standing there and a big Darth Vader in the, in the corner”

If you love Armin or Star Wars, this video is definitely for you! Enjoy…