Marshmello trolling Deadmau5 in ”Alone” music video [VIDEO]

Freshly signed onto Monstercat record label with his single “Alone,” Marshmello is easily one of the label’s most intriguing newcomers. In his latest music video it’s evident to everybody that he’s trolling Deadmau5. You can clearly see, that before going to school Marshmello is feeding his pet mouse named Joel.

After enduring his fair share of bullying at school and getting shut down by his crush, the outcast Marshmello gets discovered DJing in his bedroom. Just as the song’s jubilant drop kicks in, we see the masked producer prevailing as others are brought together by his music and he finds himself as a new leader among his peers. Fans are left with a sense of afterglow as all winds down, matching the track’s sense of positivity.

Check out Marshmello’s new music video below

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