Steve Aoki’s upcoming movie “I’ll sleep when i’m dead” looks awesome [VIDEO]

Steve Aoki

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for Steve Aoki‘s documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead“, following the film’s debut at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April.

Steve Aoki has traveled a long road from starting a record label in his apartment to becoming one of electro house music’s biggest names.

Though many know him for his high-energy live performances, during which he often dives from the stage and flings cake into the audience, the movie, titled “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” highlights Steve Aoki’s relationship with his father, Rocky Aoki, the former wrestler and founder of the Benihana restaurant chain, and how Steve became one of the most famous artists in Electronic Dance Music.

The documentary was filmed through the making of Steve Aoki’s last feature albums Neon Future and Neon Future II. He is also still releasing new music, with a new EP, 4OKI, coming out tomorrow 29 July.