Deadmau5 and DJ Snake are trolling the hell out of each other

Deadmau5 and DJ Snake

The king of trolls strikes again, trolls his colleague DJ Snake this time. 

Deadmau5 and DJ Snake are trolling the hell out of each other. It all started when Joel recorded videos of himself stealing a bottle of Jack Daniels from DJ Snake’s dressing room at Ultra Music festival and changing the DJ Snake’s door sign into DJ Snack.

A lot of fans have speculated that the “DJ Snack” prank is a reference to a separate occasion when DJ Snake stole snacks from Axwell and Ingrosso’s dressing room during EDC Mexico.

.@djsnake the internet does not forget, nor does it forgive. Cheers.

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Your move.

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DJ Snake was quick to reply as he stole Deadmau5’s liquor bottles and he changed Joel’s moniker into Deadmoose.

In his latest instagram photo, Joel is claiming that DJ Snake prerecorded his Ultra Japan set, referring to it as a simple .wav file rather than an actual collection of individual tracks.

Your move.

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