Eric Prydz reveals his EPIC 5.0 plans that will blow your mind

Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 img via Rukes

The Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz was guest at Pasquale Rotella’s latest episode of Night Owl Radio show. The progressive maestro has made several long waited announcements for his fans.

In this interview, among other things Eric revealed that he is currently working on the fifth iteration of his EPIC show, the live visual sensory experience.

“We are currently working crazy on Epic 5.0. I can’t give that much more information away. We’re taking it super serious now. Whenever the show comes out, it’s going to blow your head off.”

The esteemed producer added how he’d graduated from pyrotechnics, C02 cannons, and confetti to a more “technology-based extension of the music.”

Listen to the whole interview below

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