DJ jailed for selling weed launches GoFundMe for a new MacBook Pro

An aspiring DJ and rapper from Chicago called Pizza Hendrix launches GoFundMe to get a new MacBook Pro laptop.

Yeah, you read that right… While Pizza Hendrix was in jail apparently for selling weed, his roommate stole from him what is claimed to be over $15,000 of musical equipment, including studio speaker monitors, DJ controllers, laptops, his iMac and many other things.

And now he launches a GoFundMe account to try to hustle a Macbook Pro laptop to at least get back to making music.

Pizza Hendrix afford a MacBook Pro laptop
Pizza Hendrix afford a MacBook Pro laptop

Here’s what he said:

“I never ask for handouts, but I’m in desperate need of help getting back on my feet.  I know people have their own finances to worry about but even if you only donate a little it’s really the collective effort that matters most. I appreciate everyone helping me. Thanks for your time, even if all you can do is share the word that means a lot.  🙂

My story:

As you may or may not know, on April 16th 2016 I was sent to jail and sentenced to one year of incarceration. I spent six months in the Illinois Department of Corrections, and honestly it was the longest and most stressful six months of my entire life. I’m not here to say I didn’t deserve it or it wasn’t meant to be, because everything happens for a reason, but by no means did I feel like I belonged locked up with murderes and rapists. That being said I tried to stay positive and I took the time to learn to better myself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

When I was released I came home to virtually everything I owned stolen from me by my roommate. TVs, jewelry, furniture, shoes, studio speaker monitors, DJ controllers, laptops, my iMac, even down to my temperpedic bed- all easily worth more than a $15,000 value. I worked SO MANY YEARS, literally since high school, accumulating my music equipment. Even sentimental items that had no real cash value but meant everything to me such as memorial service cards from a best friend and my aunt who passed away. Needless to say I was absolutely devastated.

It’s been 2 weeks since my release and I currently own nothing more than the cloths on my back. Ive been working on getting a job every single day.  I have the potential to be something truly legendary in this world and by all means I am still young and optimistic for the future. I am extremely dedicated and motivated to get back to making beautiful music for myself and for my fans. I am blessed to be alive and healthy, and I have a lot of unconditional love to give.

I have dreams to collectively change the world together, with all of you, & all I need is a small push to help get back on my feet. Music is all I know how to do.  
Once again, thank you so much. I love you all.

Help spread the word!”

After he shared his story on his Facebook profile, asking for a new MacBook Pro laptop, what followed was an episode of social media drama including a lot of hilarious comments.

So if you want to donate, here’s the GoFundMe….