Top 5 songs you didn’t know Calvin Harris produced

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Calvin Harris

While we are waiting for the new singles to be released by Calvin Harris, we did some deep investigation on his career. It reveals that this Scottish DJ has produced some of the most popular POP and RnB songs.

Chris Brown, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue and Cheryl are some of the most famous artists that he had worked with.

So, here are the Top 5 songs you probably didn’t know that Calvin Harris produced.

The first one is Kylie Minogue’s huge hit released back in 2007 titled “In My Arms”. The track was written by Minogue, Calvin Harris, Richard “Biff” Stannard, Paul Harris and Julian Peake. It was produced by Calvin Harris and Stannard.

The second one on this list is Chris Brown‘s “Yeah 3x”. This song was produced back in 2010, and written by Calvin Harris. It turned out to be a total hit that reached the top charts of almost 20 countries.

Now, the third single produced by Calvin Harris is the mega hit “Where Have You Been” from Rihanna’s sixth studio album. Their collaboration “This Is What You Came For,” was certified platinum earlier this year.

The next one is Cheryl’s “Call My Name” from 2012. The video reached more then 14 million views on YouTube. If you are not from Europe, you may have not heard about this Harris produced dance floor killer, but it is a great hit.

Finally, we present you the fifth one, ” I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita Ora. When these two artists were in a relationship back in 2014, Calvin wrote a whole album for her, but unfortunately, they broke up, and only this song was released by then.