Marshmello forced to make a new video because of Deadmau5

Two days ago Marshmello, made his debut on Skrillex’s OWSLA label with a powerful new track and video featuring vocals from Los Angeles pop musician Wrabel.

If you caught Marshmello’s new music video, then you undoubtedly saw how he roped in a sad mau5 into the party and got him dancing and moving all around. The Canadian Dj and producer, wasn’t impressed as you might expect, so he responded on Twitter with less then flattering comments.

And it looks like Marshmello has been forced to make an pretty noticeable edit of his video. His management has uploaded a new version on Youtube that does not feature the Deadmau5′ cameo. It looks like Zimmerman has filed copyright claims to have his mau5 head removed:

Marco Di
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