Alesso finally reveals his long awaited track “Take My Breath Away”

Alesso new sinle
Alesso and Dillon Francis

Earlier this month, Alesso published his new single “Take My Breath Away” featuring a secret female vocalist and co-produced by Dillon Francis .The live ripped version has been spreading on the Internet for the past few months after both of the DJs started playing it in their sets.

Different elements and directions are present at the beginning of the track, and repetitive chopped up sample melodies before the energy culminates with powerful rolling rhythms and offbeat bass notes.

This mix-up separates Alesso and Dillon Francis from the other DJs, firstly because of the Alesso’s jogging bass line and Dillon’s hip hop elements. The lyric video is nothing short of a visual masterpiece that is more complemented by the lustful quality of the track.

Check out Alesso’s eclectic music video below: