Q-Dance’s Qlimax event delivers a mind-blowing anthem show [VIDEO]

img via Qlimax

Q-Dance‘s Qlimax event just released their Anthem Show for 2016 and will definitely blow your mind !

Dutch event company Q-Dance that organizes events and festivals that focuses on the harder styles of dance music-mainly Hardstyle, Hardcore, and Hard Trance, wrapped up another spectacular edition of Qlimax at Arnhem’s GelreDome football stadium this past weekend.

Qlimax’s festival goers were treated to a jaw-dropping anthem show where the entire production came to life. With a massive amount of lasers, pyrotechnics, CO2 and flame cannons complemented by quality and emotional performances by the DJs for the crowd to witness, Q-Dance did a great job once again.

An official “anthem” for this year’s edition is Coone‘s track “Rise of the Celestials”.

Check out the video below and enjoy!


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