Help finish this map of the world’s best house and techno clubs

techno clubs
Ever been stuck in a foreign country and not known where to rave till the morning light?

Well, french guy and communications director for Nuits Electriques and Big Festival, Matthieu Rodrigues, has for a while now been creating a map of the world’s best house and techno clubs.

Rodrigues is encouraging ravers to submit their ideas too, so if your favorite club is missing, help him to finish this awesome project.

“So I decided to make my map public and include a link for submitting new places. Finding the commercial clubs is pretty easy. With this map, I wanted to include other clubs with more niche programming, primarily house / techno. I recently had some clubs submitted from North America and Asia and that’s a great thing. The goal is really to expand beyond just our neighbouring countries,” Rodrigues told Trax Mag.

Think you know one that’s been missed? Submit it now!