Calvin Harris curses out fan on livestream because he didn’t like his new track [VIDEO]

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The Scottish superstar DJ and producer, Calvin Harris, apparently is not good at accepting criticism. 

Just a few weeks after Instagram announced that it’s adding live video broadcasting to the app, the feature is now, well, live. And one of the first to go live on the platform was the “How Deep Is Your Love” hitmaker.

He used the opportunity to broadcast his new tune titled “Hard To Love“, but some of his fans were not impressed, commenting that it wasn’t good enough, and Calvin Harris had some pretty visceral reactions.

At 0:59 “Hey, whoever said ‘horrible,’ fuck you! Fuck you! This is fuckin’ awesome! Fuck you!”
At 2:00 “Bro, did I say it was gonna be a fuckin hit? I’m playing you a fucking song! Relax! Fucking relax! I don’t give a fuck!”
At 2:26 – “I’m not going to be a [unintelligible]. That’s pissed me off. Fuck you, man. Fuck you. ‘I’m gonna play you my new hit.’ I didn’t fucking say that. I said I’m gonna play you a song that I made. Fuck you. Fuckin assholes up in here man, mother fuckers.”

Check out the video below

Calvin Harris Plays New Unreleased Song & Freaks Out On A Disapproving Fan from Sue B on Vimeo.