Grandma sentenced for trying to smuggle 150,000 ecstasy tablets into U.S

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Tina Howe, 58 years old grandmother from Canada has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison for trying to smuggle more than 155,000 ecstasy tablets into United States.

According to Vancouver Sun, 58-year-old Tina Howe, said she was only smuggling the ecstasy tablets to protect the life of her son, who owed money to drug traffickers in British Columbia, Canada.

In support of Tina Howe, her daughter-in-law also said that she was doing it for her son.

“He wanted to get out of dealing and turn his life around, which led to people wanting him dead,” the daughter-in-law wrote. “Yes, this is a crime, but it was also an act of trying to save her son’s life. Being a mother myself, I completely understand.” she added.

Howe and her co-accused, Maria Cooke, drove a blue Dodge minivan through the Sumas border crossing on June 23, 2007 with a hidden roof compartment containing 155,168 ecstasy tablets.