Armin van Buuren explores his musicality even further with a brand new single

Armin van Buuren at circuitGROUNDS via aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

The trance maestro, Armin Van Buuren chose the risk that almost no one dares to take, meaning, he explores his musicality even further, once again.

Teaming up with the Grammy Award-winning producer Fernando Garibay, Armin van Buuren has released the track through his Armada Music label just in time to kick off the 2017 in an intense and sensational way.

He gives rise to this monumental out-of-the-box offering and shows that his production prowess knows no boundaries. An unusually contagious record that’s inescapable to turn heads, “I Need You” is an originality in its absolute purest form.

The track features the irresistible and powerful vocals of singer Olaf Blackwood and a vibe that pass every expectation from this huge collaboration.

As Armin said: “It’s been truly inspiring to work with Fernando Garibay and Olaf Blackwood and to come up with something so musically adventurous. I am very proud of the result and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of “I Need You”.”

Listen to Armin van Buuren & Garibay “I Need You” feat. Olaf Blackwood: