Insomniac reveals new stage for EDC Las Vegas named “quantumVALLEY”

img via aLIVE coverage

When Dreamstate debuted 2015, the event sold out in just four hours and brought 11,000 trance fans together under the same roof to dance to the world’s leading artists. The inaugural festival proved one thing: Trance is eternal. 

With this, Dreamstate has earned its place like one of the most promising Insomniac events, and today, it finally got its very own stage at Electric Daisy CarnivalEDC Vegas 2017.

In a previous interview Pasquale Rotella hinted at a new stage coming to the festival:

“There’s a genre of music that’s really grown a lot in the States in the past couple of years and we’re going to build a whole new stage,”.

“We’re moving some stages around, and that’s going to add some extra flavor to the experience as well. I want it to be a different place every year. We get a lot of people who’ve been coming for 10 years plus, and in order to keep their interest, we really have to change things up a lot.”

Pasquale Rotella‘s Snapchat story unveiled the identity of the newest stage that will be added to the EDC Las Vegas, named quantumVALLEY, hosted by Dreamstate.

Quantum Valley

However, there’s no further information about the stage so far, so we have to wait and hope that it will overcome last year’s circuitGROUNDS.