Deadmau5 calls out The Chainsmokers once again on the heels of their new single

deadmau5 the chainsmokers twitter
The Chainsmokers and Deadmau5

The Chainsmokers are receiving a lot of backlash from the DJ world following the release of their newest single with Coldplay titled “Something Just Like This.” That’s because the synth used to lead for their new collaboration is virtually indistinguishable from that used in “Roses.”

And probably for the same reason the Canadian progressive house DJ and producer, Deadmau5, slams The Chainsmokers in his latest Instagram photo.

“Hey EDM! check out my new laptop stand… @thechainsmokers where do I plug in the aux cord so I can make sick beets like you.”

Apparently, Deadmau5 is calling the duo out for failing to produce their tracks with the complexity and sophistication that a quality studio board would facilitate.

This isn’t the first time Deadmau5 trolled The Chainsmokers , as he previously attacked them saying, “The only thing The Chainsmokers and pop EDM have in common is probably cancer.”

Andrew Taggart, who said Deadmau5 was one of his heroes, was hurt. He said
“It was the first time anyone cared enough to shit on us,”

“At that point, I fell out of love with his music. Now his brand is less about his music and more about his personality, which is being a dick” he added.