Deadmau5’s LP “Stuff I Used To Do”

Deadmau5 edc las vegas
img via Jess Baumung

Deadmau5 teamed with the file transfer service “WeTransfer” to deliver the first 13 tracks of his latest LP titled “Stuff I Used To Do” to his fans worldwide, free of charge.

This confirms a previous Facebook announcement from Deadmau5‘s mau5trap record label that, along with the announcing the LP’s release date.

Deadmau5‘s LP “Stuff I Used To Do” is a collection of 13 previously unreleased songs from 1998 to 2007. The full album is released Friday, March 3 with the final three tracks.

Deadmau5’s LP “Stuff I Used To Do”

Stuff I Used To Do tracklist:

1. Messages from nowhere
2. Digitol
3. Screen door
4. Squid
5. 50 something cats
6. Charlie can’t dance
7. My opinion
8. HaxPigMeow
9. Obsidian
10. Long walk off a short pier
11. Support
12. Superlover
13. Creep (Alt. version)