WARNING: Deadly new drug being sold as MDMA

img via abc.net.au. Supplied: ACT Policing/ACTINOS Project

New batch of highly toxic pink capsules linked to drug overdoses are being sold as MDMA.

A potentially deadly drug, similar to the batch that hospitalised more than 30 and killed four people last month, has been found in Canberra. The distinctive pink-and-clear capsules containing brown granules are being sold as MDMA, or ecstasy, but contain no MDMA.

According to the ABC, a young woman was recently rushed to hospital suffering seizures after taking the pink and clear capsule in the Capital, thinking the brown substance inside was MDMA.

However, the capsule contained “no MDMA or ecstasy at all”. Instead, it contained a mixture of the psychoactive chemical fluoroamphetamine and a dangerous hallucinogenic called 25C-NBOMe, or “N-Bomb“.

deadly new drug
Supplied: ACT Policing/ACTINOS Project

Drug expert David Caldicott, from ACT Health said the patient who had prevented with seizures and convulsions would likely have died if they did not seek medical help. He also added:

“We analyse a great number of substances but it is only the second time we have issued an ultra alert,”

“There are strong similarities between this particular product that we’ve analysed and that which has been analysed in association with the recent overdoses in Melbourne — the only difference being this one in fact contains no MDMA or ecstasy at all … just the two most dangerous components [that caused the seizures],”

“25CNBOMe is a drug that not only causes these hallucinations which people have died off because they are scared and jump off buildings, it is directly toxic,”

The patient was told by a dealer that the drug was MDMA.