Check out this very awkward video of Hardwell performing at IEM Tournament

IEM tournament
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Prestigious e-sports tournament Intel Extreme Masters returned to Katowice, Poland for the fifth year, and Dutch superstar DJ Hardwell was invited to perform a special set before the CS:GO world championship finals.

But what followed was very awkward. This is probably the cringiest electronic dance music video you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately for Hardwell, it appears that the attendees were there only for the Counter Strike tournament, and not for his set.

A majority of the attendees were looking at their phones and almost all of the crowd shots revealed just how disinterested they seemed to be. Apparently none of them know how to have a good time.

Professional players, TV personalities and members of the esports community took to Twitter to share their opinion about the Hardwell’s performance.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Zedd was way more hype at League Finals. You have to create a visual experience when the DJ isn’t the crux of the event. You can’t expect the crowd to dance and get hype for a DJ when not everyone is a fan of the genre. People are there primarily for the game, not for the music. If your audience isn’t entirely composed of people interested in your genre, you have to cater to them in different ways.


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