Deadmau5 trolled the crowd on April Fools during his set in New York [VIDEO]

Image by Rukes

During the last weekend, we reported on all the highlights of the recent April Fools’ day among the rave community. One of our favourite moments was when Joel Zimmerman, better known to music lovers as irreverent EDM producer Deadmau5, decided to troll the New York City crowd.

Deadmau5 apparently decided there was no better moment than April Fools’ day to reassert himself as the dance music world’s number one troll. In the middle of his set, the mouse-eared producer decided to have some fun and to “Rick-Roll” the entire crowd.

The drop is one of the most anticipated moments of any good track. It is usually preceded by a huge build-up, and when easily expected, it can make any crowd turn the eff up. But what about when something Unexpected happens?

Check it out below, how the crowd responded to Deadmau5‘ latest troll.

Marco Di
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  1. Sorry excuse of a Dj that doesn’t even Dj on his sets. More like a button pusher. Anyone can press buttons, no talent here !!

    • Ok Astro,

      So that is why he has sold out shows and is still sought out worldwide. Can’t remember the last time DJ Astro was the headliner….

  2. Yes, he pushes many buttons. Welcome to new technological world. Unlike DJ who spins only disks, DM does his music on the spot and has more things happening around him than a common DJ. I assume those who call themselves DJ’s these days forget that it is the music artists perform, not the disks.


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