Embarrassing moment happened to Deadmau5: His Set cut out twice for 10 min at a time [VIDEO]

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An embarrassing moment occured last night, during Deadmau5′ tour stop in Columbia, MD at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

During Deadmau5‘ set last night at Merriweather Post Pavilion, his new incredible CUBE 2.1 stage sound system cut off twice for a significant amount of time. We all know that Joel is very professional and highly skilled musician, but this kind of technical difficulties happen even to the best.

“Shit fuckin happens man… hey, most people usually shit their pants when this happens. We sucked it up and got it workin!”

However, Deadmau5 handled it like a boss, giving comedic relief on the microphone and even singing a tune for the attendees, while his crew got his system back up and running.

“What the fuck?! I can’t believe that actually happened! This sucks, this is literally every technical musician’s worst fucking nightmare! But, I’ve learned to embrace such fuck ups!”

Check out the video below.

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