Ultra Music Festival voted as ‘The World’s No.1 Festival’ by DJ Mag for the 2nd year in a row!

the world's no.1 festival
Ultra Music Festvial 2017, img via alivecoverage

As voted for by half-a-million readers of DJ MAG, Ultra Music Festival has won the title of ‘The World’s No.1 Festival’ for the second consecutive year.

Earlier this year, DJ MAG opened its 2017 Top 100 Clubs poll to the public, to find out which venue in clubland reigns supreme. And when half-a-million readers picked their five favorite clubs, DJ MAG also asked them to choose the one, single festival in the world they love the most. And, once again, the result is resounding!

Ultra Miami, the festival’s flagship, has got game, and we’re pretty damn sure you will not find a bigger line-up entirely dedicated to electronic music out there. But of course you already know that — that’s why you voted for it!

Having already united twenty countries across five continents since embarking upon its global journey in Brasil, the world’s most international, independent music festival brand is adding Australia, China and India to its unmatched international repertoire.

For the fourth consecutive year, Ultra Music Festival became the #1 trending topic on social media, with a staggering 42+ million mentions across all platforms – becoming the most tweeted about electronic music event in history.

The dates for the twentieth anniversary of Ultra Music Festival next year in 2018 have been announced as March 23, 24, 25.