11 of Deadmau5’s Craziest Twitter Trolls and Wars so far

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Deadmau5 AP Photo/Victoria Will

Joel Zimmerman, Canadian DJ and record producer, better known by his stage name, Deadmau5, has truly made a name for himself in the EDM industry. But mixing music isn’t the only thing he’s good at.

The 36-year-old loves to spend his time stirring the pot on Twitter and railing just about any major artist he can get his thumbs on. The incredibly outspoken producer, who sports a massive mouse-head helmet, never backs down from a fight and is always prepared to win.

Check out this list of Deadmau5’s biggest trolls and wars on Twitter:

1.Deadmau5 vs. Kanye West

Back in March of 2016, American rapper and record producer, Kanye West, tweeted a picture of his computer screen that showed a song he was listening to on YouTube. Deadmau5, being the observant person he is, pieced together evidence from the browser tabs and called out the rapper for pirating Serum, a $250 synthesizer software created by the DJ’s record label, Xfer.

West fired back with multiple tweets not only making fun of his name, but also asking the DJ to perform at his daughter’s birthday party because she “loves Minnie Mouse.”

2. Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex 

When Jack Ü, American DJ team of Skrillex and Diplo, released their Justin Bieber-collab hit, “Where Are Ü Now,” Deadmau5 didn’t even hesitate to drill the hell out of them.

Billboard reported that in a New York Radio interview Skrillex called Deadmau5 and asshole and discussed how it’s unfortunate considering he’s a public leader.

“He’s an asshole and everyone knows that, he knows that, I think thats kinda his thing,” Skrillex said. “The one thing that is unfortunate about it is he has a record label and when you have a record label you’ve got to be a leader. I couldn’t imagine being a leader, going out with a public image of having such a negative attitude.”

However, this statement only inspired Deadmau5 to take things to the next level.

3. Deadmau5 vs. Disney

Back in 2014, Disney went after Zimmerman and eventually sued over the trademark on his Deadmau5 logo, which they claimed looked extremely similar to their own Mickey Mouse. However, Disney quickly learned that this DJ isn’t the best person to argue with.

Considering Deadmau5 had previously worked with Disney in past years on more than one occasion, Zimmerman fought back and of course, took his feelings to Twitter.

4. Deadmau5 vs. Porter Robinson

Zimmerman picked a fight with American DJ and record producer, Porter Robinson, when he chimed in on a Twitter conversation and called him a “dickhead.”

Robinson kept his cool as he called Deadmau5 out for his weekly Twitter temper tantrums and this really got the mouse going.

5. Deadmau5 vs. Armin Van Buuren

Zimmerman got into a debacle with Dutch DJ, Armin Van Buuren, back in 2014 when he sent a low blow to the renowned A State of Trance event. Considering Deadmau5 has no authority in the trance genre, Armin, the trance king, set him straight.

But as usual, Zimmerman always has to have the last word.

6. Deadmau5 vs. The Chainsmokers

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, better known as The Chainsmokers, got called out by the Twitter Troller in April of this year.

When New York Times tweeted the question, “How do you solve a problem like the Chainsmokers”, Zimmerman just had to get a word in.

“Easy. You suck a shitload of Grammy dick and pay a ghost producer. Next question.”

As his response made headlines, it also grabbed The Chainsmokers’ attention and they killed the mouse with kindness.

“Learning so much everyday! Really feeling lucky to be in the position we are. We catch lots of heat but we are doing what we love and have the best fans. And that’s all that matters. Not everyone is gonna get it or like it but a lot of you guys do and that’s what pushes us. So long story short. We aren’t going anywhere love y’all good night! See ya tomorrow Charleston for a big night!”

Pall and Taggart have been down this road with Deadmau5 before when he made a statement saying, “The only thing The Chainsmokers and pop EDM have in common is probably cancer.”

7. Deadmau5 vs. Marshmello

In 2016, the mysterious DJ with an unknown identity, Marshmello, tweeted at Deadmau5, sarcastically asking if he wanted to play a game of basketball. Zimmerman, already hating Marshmello enough, fired back and hit him where it hurt.

Moral of the story, never tweet at Deadmau5 unless you’re prepared to fight.

8. Deadmau5 vs. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, 20-year-old DJ and record producer, played his cards right when Deadmau5 came at him about his hit single, “Animals.”

Well played is right, Garrix. This might be the first time Zimmerman actually gave his competitor props.

9. Deadmau5 vs. Afrojack

A few years back, Deadmau5 tweeted about his car frustration and somehow dragged Dutch DJ, Afrojack, into the drama. Clearly this wasn’t going to end well.

10. Deadmau5 vs. Hardwell

Deadmau5, has been known to visit the Toronto Rave Community group on more than one occasion, even from his personal Facebook account. And he took the opportunity to troll Hardwell on his last visit to the group.

Joel posted in the group, asking what kind of gift they would get him for Christmas – as a joke. Then one of the members replied by sharing a picture of the Hardwell‘s action figure. Deadmau5 quickly responded, asking “does it come in talented?”.

Deadmau5 Twitter Trolls

11. Deadmau5 vs. Tiesto & Marshmello

That one time when Deadmau5 decided to call out DJ Tiesto and Marshmello on Twitter for their marketing stunt at Electric Daisy Carnival regarding Marshmello’s identity.