Dj Snake sued for copyright infringement over one of his biggest tracks [VIDEO]

dj snake can
Courtesy Photo, DJ Snake

Things aren’t looking good for the French DJ and producer, DJ Snake, and the American rapper Lil Jon.

Dj Snake has been sued by a musical group known as The Architectz, made up of members Fredley Saurel (who releases music under the moniker Freddie GZ), Maliki Sankoh and Roberson Bonjean, for alleged copyright infringement over the DJ’s famous collaboration with Lil JonTurn down for what

Golden Crown Publishing is the plaintiff in the suit, alleging that track of the same name by hip hop artist Freddie Gz was released months before. The publishing company is represented by noted copyright pitbull Richard Busch, who appeared on behalf of the Marvin Gaye family in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit and recently scored a lucrative settlement in a lawsuit over Ed Sheeran‘s “Photograph.”

The titles of the tracks may be the same, but the lawsuit isn’t based solely on that coincidence. The claim gets rather technical, comparing the beats and even how the two vocalists say the title phrase.

Check out both tracks below, and tell us what’s your opinion ? Is DJ Snake‘s “Turn down for what” a ripoff of Freddie GZ‘s track or not?