Dj Snake finally reveals the real reason why he wears sunglasses all the time

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img via insomniac

If there’s one thing that’s notable about DJ Snake (other than his great tracks), it’s his shades.

Whether he’s at an interview, performing a show, or just lounging around in public, you can bet that there’s a pair of them on his face. While many have thrown rumors around as to why he does this (eye problems?) the real reason has finally been revealed: it’s to keep him calm.

“When I became big I suddenly I found myself playing on stage with 200,000 people and that is scary” said the world renowned DJ. “… my manager told me just put on a pair of sunglasses and that should mitigate the panic. So I tried it and it worked. Now people recognize me with my glasses and it helps me feel better.”

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Not to mention, it helps keep him under the radar when out and about.

Keep rockin’ those shades DJ Snake. You wouldn’t be you without them!