Man arrested for selling over 1000 fake drugs at Bonnaroo festival, said he was doing “God’s Work”

bonnaroo fake drugs
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David E. Brady, 45, of Albany, New York, was arrested at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival for selling fake substances that he claimed to be drugs.

David Brady wasn’t actually pushing real drugs. Authorities searched the man, and according to the arrest warrant, they found 37 pills made to look like molly, a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception, 22 bags of fake mushrooms, approximately 1,000 hits of fake acid, 20 bags made to look like cocaine and an incense stick made to look like black tar heroin.

The arrest warrant also apparently states that Brady told deputies he was “doing God’s work” by selling the fake drugs, though it did not elaborate.

As of Thursday Brady was being jailed in Coffee County on $120,000 bond.