Insomniac sued by the parents of a 24-year old man who died from Ecstasy [Details Here]


The parents of a 24-year-old man who died while attending the annual 3-day festival, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas back in 2015 sued the organizers Tuesday, alleging there were inadequate medical personnel present after their son ingested a fatal dose of the drug Ecstasy.

Victim’s father Terry Tom, admits his son popped Ecstasy during the festival, and in 110 degree heat had a seizure and started foaming at the mouth. According to the suit, Insomniac and Live Nation are well aware festival-goers take drugs, especially Ecstasy. Mr. Tom says at least one person has died each year at EDC events put on by the defendants, dating back to 2006.

According to the lawsuit, “Good Samaritan bystanders witnessed Nicholas seizing on the ground and foaming at the mouth and tried to help, but the music was too loud,” preventing anyone from hearing when they yelled for a medic.

The bystanders tried to carry him to get help, an effort made difficult by the many fans, some of whom were “high” and oblivious to what was going on, the suit states.

The people helping Tom found a medic tent a half-hour later — with no personnel inside, according to the suit, which alleges there “were only two to three medical tents to serve 135,000 people over 1,200 acres.”

A group of staff members with no medical training arrived and said medics “had their hands full and were unavailable,” the suit states. One of the staff members tried to pour water down the stricken man’s throat, a dangerous action because the water could end up in a victim’s lungs, the suit states.

The staff members told the good Samaritans to leave, according to the complaint, which says Tom “died on the floor of the medical tent after not receiving any medical care for at least one hour.”



  1. First of all these parents have no Idea how much Insomniac Events and Live Nation take care of their staff, and headliners. I have worked with them both as a DJ at Exchange LA, and Nocturnal Wonderland in the mapping department. In mapping we greet all the guest with smiles and we give them maps showing them where all water stations, first aid stations, are located. The map also shows the location of stages and time slots of acts, everyone that walk into the festival gets a map. Most importantly they have Ground control, which caring people walk around the festival making sure people are hydrated and safe. if they see something wrong they will make sure the guest are Ok. Ground Control is a huge part of the festival. They help and give out great vibes. People need to realise that everyone metabolises drugs different. Insomniac first mission is to make sure people are safe. People also need to make sure that they know where first aid, free water stations, and free phone charges are located, especially if they are going to decide to take drugs.


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