Real McLovin sneak up on a fan holding a totem of McLovin’s Fake I.D. from Superbad at Electric Forest [VIDEO]

electric forest superbad

An American actor, Christopher Mintz-Plasse decides to sneak up on a fan holding a huge totem of his McLovin Fake I.D. from Superbad movie at Insomniac’s Electric Forest festival in Rothbury, Michigan.

One of the best parts about dance music festivals are all the funny and unique totems that people bring along with them. What started out as a fun and creative way to locate your group has turned into a staple in the EDM World.

At the latest Electric Forest festival, one guy went with the solid choice of a blown-up McLovin Fake I.D from the comedy movie SuperbadCoincidentallyChristopher Mintz-Plassethe actor who made McLovin a household name, happened to be there.

He took it upon himself to track down the guy with the McLovin totem and it made for an absolutely incredible moment. The guy didn’t recognize him at first, but to be fair, with the beard and sunglasses only like 20% of his face is even visible so you can hardly blame him.

Check out the hilarious video below.