New Snortable Chocolate Powder is said to give an “Ecstasy-Like Euphoria” !

snortable chocolate
img via reuters

Just when you thought there was finally nothing else for people to snort, this comes out. 

Making headlines is a new snortable chocolate powder that is being called ‘Coco Loko‘. The product is being distributed by Legal Lean Co., and is being sold for $19.99 on their website. Obviously this is turning heads and has got the attention of the federal government.

This new Coco powder is said to give off a sudden rush of serotonin, a common symptom of MDMA. Because of this, Democratic US senator Chuck Schumer strongly disagreed with the product and is calling for an investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Schumer states: “It is crystal clear that the FDA needs to wake up and launch a formal investigation into so-called Coco Loko before too many of our young people are damaged by it. This product is like cocaine on training wheels.”

Check back for future updates, maybe you’ll see this stuff at your next festival.

Coco Loko