Security services getting prepared for the beats at Tomorrowland 2017

tomorrowland 2017

This year, Tomorrowland Belgium is heading for a thirteenth successful edition. During two weekends – from 20 to 24 and from 27 to 31 July – 198 different nationalities will travel to Boom and Rumst. Each weekend, we will be facing a massive influx of people as some 200,000 visitors will come and be part of this unique musical experience.

The organiser, the different authorities and the security services cooperate closely to make sure the festival runs smoothly for both festival-goers and local residents, but also for local traders and other persons who are (in)directly concerned by the festival.

Security measures are only efficient if everybody cooperates. Therefore, they have paid attention to communicate them in advance. The organiser hope that it will enable everyone to contribute.


Organising a party for everybody is a shared concern!

Both the organiser, the local authorities of Boom and Rumst, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Federal Police, the fire brigade and the medical sector are ready to manage everything on and around the festival grounds. All of these services do their utmost to turn the festival into a pleasant experience for everybody. They continuously aim at a balance between security, festivity and limiting nuisance.

During both weekends of Tomorrowland 2017 festival, the Administrative Coordinating Director of the Federal Police of Antwerp is in charge of the operational command of police activities. He can count on the support of both federal and local police forces. All organisational and security aspects have been meticulously prepared in advance in the presence of all the partners. For instance, several meetings have already been organised to discuss traffic policy, public order, threat analysis, security and precautionary measures as well as medical assistance with the various partners.

In cooperation with these services, also the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (CUTA) is monitoring the situation very closely. At present, it does not have information indicating that the current general threat level should be increased. For the time being, threat level 3 (on a scale of 4) will be maintained, also for major events. That is why the security services take some specific preventive and reactive measures for Tomorrowland, apart from the security measures that are taken on a daily basis in the entire country.

Tomorrowland Belgium 2016

To make sure that everything runs smoothly and to maximally limit nuisance for local residents, a specific traffic plan will be implemented on festival days and a specific police regulation will apply to the broad neighbourhood.

Stewards and police officers will manage traffic and show visitors the way to the car parks. Parking outside the official parking places or on the edge of the road is not tolerated.

Compliance with the police regulation will be rigorously ensured. Within the defined perimeter, ambulant activities and organised dance activities are prohibited.

A specific regulation was developed for taxies. Taxies belonging to taxi drivers who do not comply with the police regulation could be taken in custody.

As in previous years, the possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated on Tomorrowland: a person who violates this rule will be pursued and is no longer allowed to enter the festival grounds.

By deploying additional resources, the fire brigade and the medical services continue to provide service and assistance to both the festival-goers and the local residents.

Keep yourself informed through social media !

During the entire festival, there will be real-time communication through social media. Everyone who has questions about safety or wants to keep up with the current situation, prevention tips etc, can follow them on Twitter via @BelPoliceEvent

With the organiser and the other services, the police hopes that this edition of Tomorrowland will become once more a big international dance party.