Eric Prydz escorted by police to Tomorrowland 2017 festival [VIDEO]

Eric Prydz
Eric Prydz

Over the weekend the Swedish DJ and producer, Eric Prydz took to Twitter while dealing with some troubles trying to make his way to Tomorrowland 2017 festival in Boom, Belgium.

Apparently there was a pretty bad accident that had all of the french trains from the south at a stand still. The only reason he was on a train is because of his well known fear of flying. It gets worse, he was supposed to hit main stage in twenty minutes.

That’s when being famous and important really comes in handy, your own personal police escort. Who is this guy, the President? Check out this cool video.

Luckily he ended up making it to the festival but due to the hold up his set was cut short to keep the schedule on time. You can clearly see he’s not very happy with the situation during his set, goes to show how much he appreciates his fans and wanted to give them the show they deserve.