Thomas Gold drops huge new single ‘Dreamer’ Featuring Mimoza

thomas gold
Thomas Gold

Showcasing the stunning versatility he’s becoming increasingly renowned for, Thomas Gold drops a brand-new slice of synth-pop perfection in the form of latest single ‘Dreamer’.

Featuring the voice of relatively unknown U.S. vocalist Mimoza, ‘Dreamer’ sees Gold successfully capture the effervescent nature of summertime.

With a piano-led chorus that is the very definition of blissed-out ‘hands-in-the-air’ and syncopating percussion and synth lines that bounce along unfettered, the track is, at its very essence, just incredibly happy music for beautiful people.

thomas gold

Light and airy, ‘Dreamer’ is a radio-friendly, summertime cut that is a supremely confident follow-up to Gold’s previous hit ‘Magic’. That single, which currently boasts a staggering 38 million streams on Spotify alone, announced a new stylistic era of sound for the German producer that has proved incredibly popular with fans new and old around the world.

Listen to the track here.