Deadmau5 almost puts Wedding on hold to bid on Rick and Morty inspired Szechuan Sauce !

deadmau5 rick and morty

McDonald’s famous Mulan Szechuan Nugget Sauce seems to have finally been claimed, by none other than Deadmau5.

As we all know, the Canadian DJ and producer, Deadmau5 got married over the weekend. What makes the story worth talking about is the fact that he was actually bidding on the damn sauce during his wedding! Check out these hilarious tweets he sent to the buyer during his big day.

The sauce become instantly famous when the hit tv show ‘Rick and Morty’ made it a staple in the show. Apparently writer Robert Workman threw the stuff on ebay and immediately had a line of buyers. After a few bailouts third in line came Deadmau5.

This Szechuan Sauce sold for a whopping $15,000 dollars… at least 20% of it went to charity. Enjoy Joel.