Alison Wonderland is ready to f*** you up on a spiritual level ! [VIDEO]

alison wonderland
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If there’s one DJ you need to see live this fall, it’s definitely Alison Wonderland.

Ever since signing with EMI Australia records back in 2013, Alison has more than made a name for herself in the EDM circuit with her unique blend of pop, trap and future beats. Her debut 2015 album “Run” saw the non-stop rotation of her breakout single, “I Want U”, which topped with soundclouds plays of over a million and peaked at number 63 on the ARIA charts.

That same year, Wonderland had her first U.S debut at Coachella, followed by stops in NYC, Miami, EDC, and Lollapalooza. In 2016, she proceeded to then take on her own warehouse show project titled, “Warehouse Wonderland.” and sold out over 3,000 capacity venues in only 24 hours to her loyal fan base.

And now for 2017, she will be back on the road and is prepared to bring her shows to a whole new level, so to speak. The tour, titled FMUOASL, is short for “f**k me up on a spiritual level,” a saying that originated from Wonderland and has now become a staple saying among her listeners. The tour will span across North America beginning on Sep 3rd in Red Rocks, CO and will span every major city from the west coast (L.A) and the east, (Philadelphia.)

The tour will also consist of new visual concepts from Wonderland, something new she has been working on with collaboration with Microsoft. While not a lot of details have been released about the specifics yet, this is what Alison had to say on the subject in her video interview with the company:

“When I perform, I like to really lose myself,” Wonderland explained, “My goal at every show is to connect. I want people when they come to my shows to feel like they’ve gone through some sort of experience.”

Along with her visuals team, Alison plans to use the advanced features of the surface tour kit to create a stunning, immersive event for her upcoming performances. From what can be observed from the video interview, it appears some the visuals will include a type of 3D motion tracking, which will display and react to Allison’s movements on the big stage, leaving room for creative jumps in terms of the design of the show. Clips from the video reveal the workings of Alison’s logo display and colorful tracking shots during her rehearsals.

“The whole thing moves with me,” She states. “There’s a whole human element thing to visuals now which is crazy. Technology and humans are just becoming closer and closer and that to me is super different.”

Whatever great things Alison is planning for us this year, it’s sure to f*** us up on a spiritual level for sure, and fans are sure to be in for a mindblowing experience.

Tickets are on sale now for the FMUOASL tour. See the full Microsoft interview below:

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