Warning issued over Light Blue Dolphins and the Orange Louis Vuitton ecstasy pills

ecstasy pills
img Michael McCuskey

Imagine Music Festival took place this weekend in Georgia and reports are surfacing that there were dangerous ecstasy pills going around. ‘DanceSafe’ officially announced the alert warning that the tablets contained N-ethylpentylone and other unknown substances. This is never a good thing to hear.

DanceSafe is an nonprofit organization that promotes health & safety within the electronic music community. The site gives people honest and helpful information to help keep everyone safe and away from fake and bad products. Drug test kits are also available via their website.

Here’s what the DanceSafe warning stated:

“We are issuing an early alert for Imagine Music Festival attendees based on an anonymous tip from a member of the Imagine community. It has been brought to our attention that two different pills that were sold as MDMA were unidentifiable when tested by the community member.”

The ecstasy pills that were on alert were the light blue dolphins and the orange Louis Vuitton‘s. This is just another reason why it’s always important to test before consuming. Let’s hope everyone is okay.