Island resort offers cocaine free alcohol and unlimited s*x with prostitutes [VIDEO]

Image: CEN/SE*

An ad for a Colombian holiday company offering unlimited access to cocaine and prostitutes is being labelled ‘disgusting’ and ‘utterly dreadful’.

The erotic controversial video from the Good Girls Company explicitly advertises the trip as a ‘s*x island experience’, which also includes unlimited food and alcohol. It starts by advertising the holiday’s more prosaic benefits such as airport transfers being included.

Then, young man boards a luxury yacht, on the deck of which dozens of girls are gyrating in bikinis. A screen caption states boldly: ‘Unlimited s*x included.’

On its official website, the company says their clients will be able to ‘live life as they have always imagined‘, and describes it as ‘a discreet and beautiful environment for men to fulfill their wildest fantasies‘.

They explained a little bit more through their social media accounts: ‘We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price includes all meals these days.’ 

The holiday is also labelled as ‘drug friendly’ over images of the young man being caressed in a bedroom by several girls amid a cloud of smoke.

Good Girls company promises, there will be a s*x session on the 1st day of the holiday in which any customer can participate. The next day offers each visitor 30 minutes with 16 girls at once, while the 3rd and 4th day feature parties on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with DJ.

The location of the ‘s*x island’ is off the coast of Cartagena on Colombia’s north coast.

Check out the video below.

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