Deadmau5 and Carnage point fingers after heated conflict at music festival


The Cemetery of Sound event at the BMO Center in Calgary went off without a hitch last night…minus a little scuffle between notable DJs Deadmau5 and Carnage.

Accusations are flying between both artists, with each claiming that the other shoved them at some point during the event. While it’s not exactly clear who started what, this is what we know so far according to Joel’s twitter and a video released from Carnage‘s snapchat.

According to Deadmau5′ tweets, Carnage threatened him at some point during the event, and then waited for him to come on stage during his set so he could run up and push him. Joel then had Carnage escorted off of the property by security.

“I didn’t touch him. I give five a f*** less about that piece of garbage. I came to Calgary to throw down a cube, not to be a piece of shit,” Deadmau5 commented through one of his posts after the incident went down.

See Joel’s tweets of the event below.

He even wrote up a follow up post regarding the altercation on reddit:

Comment from discussion Wanna hear a joke?.

Carnage, however, has a different story. In a video released on Snapchat, he claims that Joel pushed him first, sparking the incident to go down to begin with. In the almost 2 minute long rant, Carnage states,

“You’re a f***ing pussy Deadmau5, I can’t wait to see what you come up with bro…we got it on video…you pushed me! ..I didn’t even f****ing touch you!”

Check out the video below:

With everything that’s happened, one thing’s for sure: these two definitely won’t be collaborating or playing another fest together anytime soon.