Getter bans Bassnectar Merchandise at his Halloween show!

bassnectar getter

Last night in Washington DC, strange dress-code rules were being enforced at Getter’s show that you wouldn’t believe.

The show took place at the famous Echostage venue in DC. The event also had a pretty stacked lineup including Getter, Party Favor and Spock.

Being a Halloween event, you’d think all costumes and attire would be welcome. Well, they weren’t. Attendees wearing any Bassnectar merchandise were turned away by security and not permitted in the venue. Kandi and glow-sticks were also not allowed.

Getter clearly isn’t down for the whole PLUR thing. Here’s a few other tweets from attendees last night..

According to Getter, this was all the result of a joke gone bad due to a line item on his rider, and now he’s trying to mop up the pieces and defend himself against angry Bassnectar fans.