REZZ fires back at haters after dropping Bassnectar track at her show!

rezz and griz
REZZ ,Shot by Will Selviz

Believe it or not, DJ’s have (and possibly always will) play some rendition of a Bassnectar song at some point in their careers.

This is exactly what occurred at one of REZZ’s shows recently, and apparently, this didn’t fare well with some of Lorin’s fans. After receiving some harsh criticism for dropping Nectar and Gnar Gnar’s “I’m up” during one of her stops on her “Mass Manipulation” tour, REZZ had this to say via her Twitter profile:

“If any1 has a problem w/ me playing (literally) [One] Bassnectar tune in my tour set u need to drink a tea n stay calm, ok everything is fine.”

Not to mention, this isn’t even the first time REZZ has paid homage to Bassnectar at one of her shows either, having used the famous “bass head” track during her previous concerts.

Check out her full explanation below:

And the “offending” track in question, can be found below: