Burning Man seeks approval to keep the same location in 2019

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Burning Man has become one of the most iconic gatherings in the world with thousands descending upon Black Rock City every year. The event has a unique structure with a laid back attitude and features performances from Jamie Jones, Hernan Cattaneo and many more.

One of the most respectable aspects of Burning Man is their ‘Leave No Trace’ policy which ensures that no waste is left behind and that the land is left intact.

It has come time though for the Bureau of Land Management to conduct a 10-year Environmental Impact Statement to see just exactly what the impact of the festival has been on Black Rock City.

Burning Man is required to have a permit to operate on federal lands and while the Playa may be a traditional stomping grounds, BLM could refuse the festival to continue if the impact is too high.

The event currently has a capacity hold of 70,000 people and usually hasn’t included staff and personnel, but now it will. BLM will take a year and a half to do an analysis of what the impact will be if Black Rock City continues to grow over the next 10 years.

While Burning Man has no intentions to grow the city, it is worth nothing that growth is almost inevitable and they are looking at what the impact would be on growth. 

All we can hope is that Burning Man will continue on for many years to come and hopefully most people will get a chance to descend upon Black Rock City.