Ever wonder where Steve Aoki gets his cakes? You gotta read this!

steve aoki caked
(Photo Credit: Joe Papeo)

Steve Aoki is known to throw cake during his sets, and a lot of it. Turns out these aren’t just your run of the mill baked goods though, these are some top-notch creations.

This world-renowned producer reportedly has a team of culinary experts in charge of crafting these deserts to smashable perfection.

Steve Aoki was recently quoted saying to ‘Celebretainment’:

“We have a special team of cake makers that travel the world with us getting the consistency just right — the desired effect is explosive rather than edible.”

As for how Aoki chooses the lucky few who get caked?

“The way I pick who gets caked is generally by who shows me the most energy and is screaming for it,” he commented. “It can be as many as 10 [cakes per show]. The crowd now expect it from the show.”

He then adds, “I still can’t help but ask myself… should I stop caking people? Will that stop the haters from hating? Stop giving the trolls more content to target me with? I even ask myself, are the cakes and the rafts taking away from the art of my culture, DJing? I’m sure many people feel that I am because things I do are not part of the norm.”

Keep those cakes coming, Aoki!